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"Kentucky’s Riley Gaines makes splash by blasting ‘unfair’ rules after swimming against Lia Thomas"

"Riley Gaines | Save Women's Sports"

"Riley Gaines: “I Left There With No Trophy” After Tie With Lia Thomas"

"Ky. Senate overrides veto of Fairness in Women's Sports Act; UK swimmer voices her opinion"

"Kentucky’s Riley Gaines Tees Off On Swimming Against A Man"

"Riley Gaines slams NCAA for ‘trying to save face’ in Lia Thomas tie"

"Catching up with former Station Camp and University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines"

"Brave swimmer slams Lia Thomas after tying with her at NCAA champs and large majority totally wrong"

"Female swimmer fights for women athletes as Lia Thomas goes all in on transgender ideology"

"Kentucky’s Riley Gaines says NCAA needs to ‘make changes’ to rules that allowed transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to compete at national championships"

"Kentucky swimmer who tied Lia Thomas supports calls for separate ‘Trans Division’"

"Kentucky swimmer who tied with Lia Thomas says majority of women not okay with ‘trajectory’ of female sports"

"Female athlete on competing with trans women: NCAA position ‘defies logic and common sense’"

"Riley Gaines: Why Competing Against Lia Thomas Isn’t Fair to Female Swimmers"

"UK Swimmer wants changes to transgender rules in NCAA competition"

"Swimmer who tied Lia Thomas in 200-yard freestyle says officials cheated her on podium: 'We just want Lia to hold the fifth-place trophy'"

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NCAA Snubbed Riley Gaines to Accommodate Lia Thomas

Fox News: Caitlyn Jenner 'disappointed' in NCAA regarding UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas

Riley Gaines slams NCAA for ‘trying to save face’ in Lia Thomas tie